Shipping expense is an integral component of the final price of any product

We will analyze your individual needs and work with you to determine if shipping by ocean or by air would be best on any given situation. We work with the best logistics companies to ensure price, service, and timely delivery. Our number one priority is that you, our customer, receive the best service possible.


Shipping expense is an integral component of the final price of any product. We will analyze your individual needs to determine if sending a full container would be more beneficial to you or if it would be best to ship consolidated as "loose cargo".

  • Inland Freight - Inland freight is the cost it takes to get the order from our vendor to the freight forwarder - yours or ours. We require multiple quotes from our suppliers and independent trucking companies to ensure you receive the best freight rate possible while never sacrificing service and punctuality. We realize that although we do not control this cost, we can definitely do our part to minimize it.
  • International Shipments - We have a long standing relationship with our freight forwarders, who are responsible in getting the cargo to its final destination. They not only give us competitive pricing, but they have excellent customer service to quickly resolve any issues that may occur. They have extensive knowledge of the industry and are vital in resolving any issues that may arise.

Inland Freight Shipments

The price of inland freight – getting the cargo from the vendor to our warehouse in Miami, FL is determined by a number of factors:

  • Location of vendor
  • Size of cargo
  • Weight of cargo
  • In what time frame it is needed

Air shipments

​The price of the air freight is usually calculated per Pounds. When the cargo has large dimensions and is not too heavy, the dimensional weight will be larger than the actual weight.

You should always remember that if the freight is quoted in KILOS, you have to exchange the weight you have in Pounds to Kilos (multiply it by 0.453).

Ocean Shipments

The price of the ocean freight is calculated per Kilogram, but sometimes the quote is given per Cubic Meter. Here is how you exchange your measures in inches to cubic meters: H" (height) x W" (width) x L" (length) ÷ 1728 = (result) in Cubic Feet

Multiply the result in Cubic Feet by 0.0283 and you have the result in Cubic Meters